Looking for a job in Liberia? Entrepreneurship vs. Employment

Growing up, we are told to pay attention in school, make good grades, graduate and then find a great job. Nobody ever told us “develop your mind and create your own employment”. Because of this lack of balance and perspective, many people are stuck in jobs they were not meant to do and certainly do not enjoy doing, all because this path was the only option they saw for earning a living. In fact, many of us do not understand the difference between the “entrepreneurial path” and the “employee path”.

Become an Entrepreneur – Invest in Liberia’s emerging sectors

Entrepreneurship is a trending topic in Liberia nowadays. From hearing people refer to themselves as entrepreneurs to actually being introduced to innovative products; the trend is going viral. Every day, we get introduced to an entrepreneur with an innovative idea hoping that he can contribute to change in the Liberian business environment. We also seeContinue reading “Become an Entrepreneur – Invest in Liberia’s emerging sectors”

“China, my first and craziest adventure yet”

In theory, leaving your comfort zone is romantic, in reality however, it’s excruciatingly terrifying. Stepping outside your comfort zone has a certain level of vulnerability attached to it; it means humbling yourself and accepting that your version of reality may not be real. It means being willing to relearn everything you were once taught and deciding whether your truths were actual truths.